President Obama’s Executive Action expands Deferred Action for Childhood Removals, or DACA that he first announced the creation of in 2012. The new criteria extend DACA to individuals who have:

  • Arrived in the U.S. at least four years ago
  • Met previous requirements, such as studying or having graduated high school, no criminal record, and having arrived in the US at sixteen or younger, etc.

Previously, immigrants could only apply if they were 31 years or younger when the program was announced. However, this new plan does away with that age limit.

Deferred action will now be granted for three years at a time, instead of two.

USCIS is ordered to implement the expansion of Deferred Action within the next sixth months. In the meantime, immigrants facing an order of removal who might be eligible for DA should contact USCIS to see if their cases might be administratively closed.

“With contribution from Rebecca Baik”

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