A New York task force assembled to meet the needs of poor immigrants facing deportation recently introduced a possible model program that would provide counsel immigrants in removal proceedings.

Currently, removal and deportation proceedings are considered “civil” in nature even though in some cases an individual may be permanently banished from re-entering the United States.

The model program would establish a “New York Deportation Defense Project” providing legal counsel for primarily detained immigrants in deportation proceedings with hopes for eventual expansion to non-detained low income immigrants as well.

Judge Robert Katzamann of the U.S. Court of Appeals, a leading voice in the legal community for immigration reform put out a report in 2011 stating that in New York:

“60 percent of detained immigrants, and 27 percent of non-detained immigrants, did not have counsel. Seventy-four percent of non-detained immigrants with counsel were able to defeat deportation, but those without counsel had a mere 13 percent chance of remaining here .”

The aim of the Deportation Defense Project is universal representation with screening only for income eligibility—a quick examination of which would immediately trigger representation and increase, significantly, the chances the detainee will be released.

The project also would provide basic legal support services such as access to experts, translators, social workers, mental health professionals and investigators.

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